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Our office will efficiently manage the physiotherapy fees in collaboration with WSIB once they have granted authorization for the claim. We want to inform you that, as per current WSIB regulations, patients cannot concurrently receive chiropractic treatment and physiotherapy or massage therapy for the same work-related ailment. This regulation is in place to ensure the most effective and appropriate care is provided.

In Toronto, you have the advantage of accessing physiotherapy as a primary healthcare profession without the need for a doctor’s referral. This accessibility is designed to simplify the process and facilitate quicker access to necessary care for our patients.

In cases where a workplace injury is more severe compared to others, the responsibility lies with the employer to promptly arrange transportation for the injured employee to reach an emergency medical facility. This proactive measure guarantees that immediate medical attention is accessible when it is most critical.

For individuals who have sustained injuries in the workplace, it’s important to know that you have the option to submit claims for both medical expenses and lost wages. This financial support is provided to assist injured employees during their recovery and alleviate any financial burden they may encounter.

Vaughan Woodbridge

Andrew Chan, R.H.N., DOMP, B.Sc., DO (Euro)

Ankit Patel, H.BscKin, MPT, MCPA

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