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We are a community health centre with a unique therapeutic approach tailored to our clients. The meaning of our name says it all – “i” in ISOMATIC stands for Integrative, “Somatic” represents the body framework.

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What Do We Do?

Our team uses innovated technology, state of the art therapeutic machines, unique track records system to help you recover and improve overall health. Don’t believe us? come in for a visit or schedule a no obligation meet and greet with one of our professionals.

Our Core Values

When you invest confidence in our team, you are assured of optimal care.
  • Preventative Measures

    Because we believe care is comprehensive, preventative measures is the real deal.

  • Adaptability

    Because we believe in an approach that is designed to meet the client’s changing needs, goals, and wellbeing.

  • Goals Oriented

    Because we meet your goals in a timely manner and always progress forward.

  • Family

    Because you are not just a number, you are part of our family that we strive to achieve together and develop together

  • All Star Care

    Because we don’t believe in more sessions lead to more improvement

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    schedule a no obligation meet with one of our professionals.

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