The Super Inductive System

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Bone Edema

Spinal Degeneration

Joint Blockages

Muscle Atrophy

Nerve Damage

super inductive system greektown danforth toronto

How Laser Treatment Works

The strong electromagnetic field stimulates the generation of action potentials and nerve depolarization, leading to muscle contractions.

The Super Inductive System is engineered to effectively address painful neuromuscular and musculoskeletal conditions without requiring operator intervention. This adaptable technology has a wide range of applications, including managing acute and chronic pain, facilitating muscle relaxation and activation, releasing joint blockages, and aiding in the healing of fractures.


Utilizing a magnetic field intensity of 2.5 Tesla, our product stimulates powerful muscle contractions and actively aids in pain management. With a frequency range spanning from 1 to 150 Hz, combined with a range of amplitude modulations, we ensure the utmost therapeutic efficiency.

Our Super Inductive System offers a seamless, operator-free solution tailored to your needs. It not only optimizes your time but also allows application over clothing, eliminating the need for consumables or disposables, resulting in a cost-effective approach. Additionally, our Cool-Flow technology guarantees uninterrupted device utilization in our clinic, ensuring smooth, consecutive treatment of our patients.

super inductive system greektown danforth toronto
The coil in the applicator creates a strong pulsed electromagnetic field. This field interacts with the human body and leads to nerve and muscle depolarization.


super inductive system greektown danforth toronto


• Frequency-specific pain management

• Indicated for all stages of painful conditions

• Pain management is based on three different pain control theories


• When pain is present, our body creates analgesic opioids to block the pain

• This happens in CNS, but also in the periphery in our body

• SIS uses frequency range 2 – 10 Hz to support the creation and secretion of these analgesic opioids and block the pain

• This frequency is intended for chronic pain conditions


• Spinal cord has “a gate” which can be opened and let the pain to pass to the CNS when we stimulate thin nerve fibers

• When we stimulate thick nerve fibers we are closing “the gate”

• SIS uses frequency range 60 – 100 Hz to stimulate thick nerve fibers and block pain

• Pain is not transferred to the CNS

• This frequency range is intended for acute and subacute pain conditions


• Pain is presented as “a code”

• This code is transferred to the CNS and recognized as pain

• SIS uses frequency range 120 – 140 Hz to remodulate this code

• The code is not recognized as pain in the CNS

• This frequency range is intended for subacute pain conditions


Joint Mobilization

• Joint mobilization is achieved through repetitive contractions of the muscles surrounding the joint capsule

• This repetitive contraction substitutes manual joint mobilization, which leads to joint play restoration

Fracture Healing

• The high-intensity electromagnetic field enhances blood circulation in the affected area and supports formation of the vascular and cartilage callus

• Consequently progressive cartilage mineralization and bone remodeling are initiated

Spasticity Reduction

• Inhibition of an increased muscle tone is achieved through affecting the spinal level of muscle tone control

• This mechanism is indicated for treatment of central motor impairment, in which spasticity occurs


• Interaction of the electromagnetic field within neuromuscular tissue, results in nerve depolarization and muscle contractions

• Based on the selected stimulation frequency, muscle strengthening can be achieved



Acute pain condition up to 5 therapies, daily


Chronic pain condition
up to 10 therapies,
2 – 3x a week


Muscle strengthening
up to 10 therapies, 2 – 3x a week

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Muscle relaxation up to 5 therapies, 2 – 3x a week


Joint mobilization up to 5 therapies, 1 – 2x a week


Fracture healing up to 10 therapies, min. 3x a week

Peripheral application of repetitive pulse magnetic stimulation on joint contracture for mobility restoration: Controlled randomized study

Efthimios J. Kouloulas, MD,PhD Greece Int J Physiother. Vol 3(5), 519-524, October (2016)
rPMS is an effective and safe non-invasive method to restore mobility and relieve pain in case of joint contractures. This study suggests that the method is beneficial and improves the quality of life of patients suffering from joint immobilization accompanied by pain.
Ondřej Prouza, Efthimios Kouloulas, Dragana Zarkovic
Evaluation showed a 66% reduction in spasticity in the treatment group, which was maintained at the monthly follow-up visit.

High-intensity Electromagnetic Stimulation Can Reduce Spasticity In Post-stroke Patients

All details The Super Inductive System - A New Approach in Treatment of Denerved Muscle

Daniele Morfino PT, REHABILITATION POINT, Torino, Italy
rPMS is an effective and safe non-invasive method that allows contactless treatment of denerved muscles.

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Frequently asked questions

This represents a versatile solution devoid of the need for operators, consumables, or disposables.

This system is beneficial for addressing acute pain conditions like herniated discs, chronic knee pain, spastic patients, and muscle weakness resulting from ACL reconstruction.

This adaptable therapeutic device finds utility across various specialties, including physiotherapists, orthopedists, neurologists, and chiropractors.

• The SUPER INDUCTIVE SYSTEM utilizes electromagnetic energy, enabling penetration of up to 10 cms; while ELECTROTHERAPY remains predominantly superficial.

• Unlike ELECTROTHERAPY, there is no tissue adaptation with the SUPER INDUCTIVE SYSTEM.

• The SUPER INDUCTIVE SYSTEM stimulates the body to generate electric current in-depth; whereas in ELECTROTHERAPY, the device itself produces the current.

• Risk of burns is eliminated with the SUPER INDUCTIVE SYSTEM.

• Direct skin contact is unnecessary for the SUPER INDUCTIVE SYSTEM.

• The SUPER INDUCTIVE SYSTEM entails cable, electrode, disposable, and consumable-free therapy.

• Operator involvement is unnecessary for administering the SUPER INDUCTIVE SYSTEM therapy.

• The SUPER INDUCTIVE SYSTEM employs an intensity of 2.5 T, while magnetotherapy operates at intensities typically measured in the range of tens of mT.

• Due to its higher intensity, the SUPER INDUCTIVE SYSTEM can achieve nerve depolarization and muscle contraction, which is unattainable with the lower intensity of magnetotherapy.

• The broader intensity range of the SUPER INDUCTIVE SYSTEM enables a wider array of applications compared to the limited scope of magnetotherapy.

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