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Cupping Therapy

It involves placing cups on the skin to create suction. The suction may facilitate healing with blood flow.

What is cupping and how can it help?

You may have heard of this crazy new trend that is sweeping the healthcare industry. Causing practitioners to develop new skills and training to help patients. Cupping has grown in popularity in the last few years as more patients are discovering the benefits of it. However this technique is not new.

Cupping has been around in some cultures for centuries, it dates back to ancient Egyptian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern cultures. One of the oldest medical textbooks in the world, the Ebers Papyrus, describes how the ancient Egyptians used cupping therapy in 1,550 B.C.

Today, people get it for many purposes. These can include but are not limited to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, well-being, and as a type of deep-tissue massage. The technique has been refined in the past few years and it has taken a modern overhaul. Even the cups themselves have changes as they are no longer made from clay but glass, silicone and even bamboo. 

So how does cupping therapy work? Your therapist will put a flammable substance such as alcohol, herbs, or paper in a cup and set it on fire. As the fire goes out, he puts the cup upside down on your skin. As the air inside the cup cools, it creates a vacuum. This causes your skin to rise and redden as your blood vessels expand. The cup is generally left in place for up to 3 minutes.

The more modern version of cupping uses a rubber pump instead of fire to create the vacuum inside the cup. Using silicone cups can also create a massage-like effect as they can be moved from spot to spot on your skin. Before starting any cupping therapy make sure to ask questions of your therapist so you feel more comfortable.

  • What conditions have you treated with cupping therapy?
  • How have the results been for your patients?
  • What has your experience been with cupping?
  • Is there any reason to NOT use cupping therapy?

Book your appointment with us here at iSomatic Integrative Health to find out more info about cupping therapy and how it can be used to help you. We would be happy to show you how it works, what to expect in terms of results and conditions cupping therapy can help treat. 

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