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How Laser Treatment Works

Laser light treatment works by using the power of light to speed up the body’s natural healing processes, which helps reduce pain and make injuries heal faster. The special kind of light used in this treatment stimulates the nerves to help get rid of pain. It also helps the damaged tissue by bringing in more oxygen and improving blood flow.

The laser’s specific strength of 10 watts and wavelength of 1064 nanometers is really good at reaching deep tissues. This not only provides strong pain relief but also delivers effective heat therapy in a short amount of time.

All the advantages of laser therapy

BTL revolutionizes the use of HIGH-INTENSITY LASER through a state-of-the-art ROBOTIC SCANNING SYSTEM. This advancement allows for the treatment of different body areas, whether big or small, spanning an impressive 1200 cm².

By ensuring an even and precisely controlled energy distribution, manual operation is no longer necessary. This makes it particularly effective in treating challenging areas such as the back, large muscle groups, and joints.

High Intensity Laser
Our system offers the flexibility to switch to manual laser therapy for smaller areas when necessary. The intelligent manual applicator includes therapy buttons for smoother and more precise operation. Additionally, an integrated optical system allows for adjusting the spot size (10-30 mm), reducing the need for additional zoom attachments.

Painless and Non-Surgical Treatment


The High Intensity Laser is typically used in two modes – Pulsed and Continuous. Each mode affects the tissue differently and triggers different medical effects. Overall medical effects are biostimulation, pain relief, anti-inflammatory effect, thermic effect, and muscle relaxation.


The High Intensity Laser offers significant pain relief, especially in pulsed mode. It emits very brief pulses at a high repetition rate, generating effective pressure waves that stimulate free nerve endings within tissue. This aligns with the pain gate control mechanism, inhibiting nerve endings and providing prompt and lasting pain relief.
High Intensity Laser therapy creates heat by absorbing the 1064 nm laser beam, raising tissue temperature. This temperature increase reduces scatter and absorption coefficients for the same wavelength, enabling better tissue penetration. The heat also induces vasodilation, increasing blood flow, oxygen delivery, and metabolite absorption in the treated area.
The High Intensity Laser generates mechanical waves that effectively invigorate nearby microcirculation and aid in the lymphatic drainage of the affected region. By blending biostimulation with photomechanical stimulation, the therapy not only facilitates tissue healing but also offers a robust, non-addictive approach to pain management.


Continuous emission of the High Intensity Laser transfers energy to the tissue, leading to a rise in surface temperature and subsequent vasodilation within the targeted region. This heightened blood flow, brought about by increased perfusion, promotes muscle relaxation. In cases of painful muscle-related conditions like trigger points and muscle strains, patients experience instant pain relief resulting from the eased muscle tension. This relief is swiftly followed by an expansion in their range of motion.
Biostimulation activates cellular vitality, amplifying healing and recovery. Oxygen is processed by mitochondria within cells. These mitochondria engage in a chain of respiratory enzymes, channeling oxygen to ATP synthase—the energy hub. Laser exposure accelerates oxygen and metabolite exchange, enhancing oxygen delivery to mitochondria. This accelerates ATP synthesis, expediting RNA and DNA formation. This triggers swift recovery, faster healing, and reduced swelling in treated areas.
The energy from the High Intensity Laser accelerates cell metabolism, expediting the breakdown of pro-inflammatory agents. With fewer proinflammatory mediators, capillary permeability is restored, leading to inflammation eradication and a speedier return to daily activities.


The considerable advantages of its deep-reaching capability, pain-free nature, and non-invasiveness offer substantial benefits to both patients and healthcare professionals alike. The High Intensity Laser plays a pivotal role, particularly in addressing acute ailments and injuries. This therapy proves highly effective for conditions like trigger points, shoulder or ankle sprains, low back pain, disc herniation, wound healing, inflammation, and scar recovery.

This section provides a succinct overview of the key applications where High Intensity Laser therapy excels. These claims are substantiated by scientific evidence, validating its efficacy across diverse conditions. Your well-being and comfort are paramount to us, and we invite you to personally experience the transformative outcomes of our services.

Sustained Impacts of High Intensity Laser Therapy on Patients with Lateral Epicondylitis

High Intensity Laser
HIL is an effective method for treating pain and improving lateral epicondylitis in the short and long term.
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Class IV laser treatment was found to be an effective modality in reducing knee pain in KOA patients.
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Impact of Class IV Laser on Knee Osteoarthritis: A Randomized Controlled Trial

High Intensity Laser

Automatic Scanning System vs Manual Laser Therapy

High Intensity Laser
Provided a more homogeneous energy distribution compared to the manual application.
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Frequently asked questions

Treatment with High Intensity Laser is safe. However, there are
safety precautions that need to be followed to ensure safety. High
Intensity Laser light can be dangerous to the eyes (even closed eyes), therefore all participants in the therapy must wear safety goggles provided by the device supplier.

One of the great benefits of the High Intensity Laser is that it’s absolutely painless and creates a pleasant feeling of warmth in biostimulation mode.

There is a very low chance of the High Intensity Laser burning
the patient as the therapy is always dynamic and the applicator is continuously moved along the skin surface. To secure safety High
Intensity Laser power starts at low values and can be increased
if desired.

The number of treatments varies based on the indication, its severity, and how the patient’s body reacts to the treatment. It can therefore be anywhere between 3 and 15, more in very severe cases.

The typical number of treatments per week is 2 to 5. The therapist sets the number of treatments so that the therapy is
the most effective.

There are no side-effects to the treatment.

No, the treatment is non-addictive in contrast to pain medication.

No, there is no limit to the number of treatments as the therapy is non-addictive. It is up to the therapist to determine whether the patient needs more treatments.

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