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Disc Degeneration

Disc degeneration, often referred to as intervertebral disc degeneration, is a natural and age-related process that affects the spinal discs. These discs are located between the vertebrae in the spine and act as cushions, providing flexibility and absorbing shocks. Over time, these discs can undergo changes that are typically associated with the aging process. Disc degeneration involves several key factors:

  1. Loss of Fluid: Intervertebral discs contain a gel-like substance known as the nucleus pulposus, which provides hydration and support to the disc. With age, these discs lose water content, making them less effective at cushioning the spine.

  2. Thinning: As the discs lose fluid, they tend to shrink and become thinner. This can reduce the space between vertebrae, potentially leading to instability and changes in the spine’s alignment.

  3. Structural Changes: The tough outer layer of the disc, called the annulus fibrosus, can develop small tears or cracks, weakening the disc’s structural integrity. This can contribute to disc herniation or bulging.

  4. Decreased Flexibility: The changes in the disc’s composition can make the spine less flexible, impacting an individual’s range of motion and potentially causing stiffness and discomfort.

While disc degeneration is a natural part of aging, it can vary from person to person. Some individuals may experience minimal or no symptoms, while others may develop conditions such as herniated discs, spinal stenosis, or osteoarthritis, which can lead to back pain and related issues. Physical therapy, exercise, and lifestyle modifications are often recommended to manage symptoms and maintain spinal health as one ages.

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Andrew Chan, R.H.N., DOMP, B.Sc., DO (Euro)

Andrew Chan, R.H.N., DOMP, B.Sc., DO (Euro)

Heena Vora,

Heena Vora,

Amir Kazemi, BSC,DOMP, DO(E), PhD

Amir Kazemi, BSC,DOMP, DO(E), PhD

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