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Chronic Pain

What is Chronic Pain?

Pain can be categorized into two types: acute and chronic. Acute pain signals that your body is injured and typically doesn’t last long, as it should improve as your body heals. Chronic pain, on the other hand, endures for an extended period, often lasting for months or even years. Chronic pain can disrupt daily activities and is frequently accompanied by low self-esteem, depression, and anger, which can further exacerbate the pain.

Types and Description of Chronic Pain:

Chronic pain can manifest in various forms, including headaches, back pain, cancer-related pain, arthritis discomfort, and pain resulting from nerve damage. The nature of chronic pain can vary, with descriptions such as dull aches, soreness, stiffness, stinging, squeezing, throbbing, burning, or shooting. People with chronic pain may also experience additional symptoms, like fatigue, sleep disturbances, and mood changes.

Causes of Chronic Pain:

Chronic pain may arise from past injuries, infections, diseases, or even emerge without a known cause. Conditions like infections, headaches, back issues, cancer, arthritis, fibromyalgia, nerve damage, and prior surgeries can trigger or contribute to chronic pain. Furthermore, emotions such as depression and stress tend to intensify pain, including chronic pain.

Diagnosing Chronic Pain:

Doctors diagnose chronic pain by considering your medical history and your detailed description of the pain. They will inquire about the pain’s location, intensity, frequency, and what exacerbates or alleviates it. Physical examinations and tests may also be conducted to identify the pain’s source. Additionally, your doctor will evaluate any existing health issues, like respiratory or cardiac conditions, which may impact treatment options. Questions regarding sleep, mood, and anxiety are also common in the diagnostic process.

Prevention and Avoidance:

In many cases, chronic pain cannot be entirely prevented. Some conditions contributing to chronic pain, such as cancer, may have preventive measures. However, for many, the onset of chronic pain is beyond one’s control.

Chronic Pain Treatment:

The primary goal of chronic pain treatment is to alleviate pain and enhance functioning. Although treatment may not completely eliminate pain, it can reduce its severity and frequency. Common treatment approaches include:

  • Medication: This may involve pain relievers, antidepressants, and anticonvulsants. The type of medicine prescribed depends on the nature of the pain.
  • Therapy: Physical therapy, low-impact exercises, occupational therapy, and behavioral therapy are useful in managing chronic pain.
  • Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM): Treatments like acupuncture and massage may offer relief for some individuals with chronic pain.

Severe cases of chronic pain may require more invasive treatments, including electrical stimulation, nerve blocks, or surgery. While there is typically no cure for chronic pain, effective pain management strategies can significantly improve your quality of life.

Living with Chronic Pain:

Managing chronic pain often involves lifestyle changes, such as maintaining a regular sleep schedule, quitting smoking, eating a balanced diet, and engaging in moderate exercise. Stress and depression management is crucial since they can exacerbate pain. Understanding your limits, trying new pain management approaches, and staying informed about the underlying causes of your pain are all valuable aspects of living with chronic pain.

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Andrew Chan, R.H.N., DOMP, B.Sc., DO (Euro)

Andrew Chan, R.H.N., DOMP, B.Sc., DO (Euro)

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Heena Vora,

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Amir Kazemi, BSC,DOMP, DO(E), PhD

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