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Our muscles and bones are connected by strong fibers called tendons. Our body parts move easily and smoothly because of this fiber. But if the tendons are used frequently, they could become worn out.

When it occurs, the person would have the signs of tendinitis, a frequent condition. Patients typically experience a mild aching that gradually worsens to severe agony. Restricted mobility is the result, as is the movement of the limbs and joints.

Why does tendonitis occur?

Tendonitis is essentially a condition that deals with tendon inflammation. Different tendons can be found throughout our bodies. A particular type of tendonitis develops when a particular tendon is ruptured or irritated.

Muscle spasms, nerve compression, and joint irritation are a few additional causes of sore tendons. Pain in the shoulder, wrist, ankle, and hip may result from the disease. Due to the lack of specificity in the initial symptoms, tendonitis is challenging to diagnose.

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